Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our user and committed to protect every single piece of information/data we get from the user’s device by this privacy policy. This website https://www.inspirationalquotesimages.com/ is the property of inspirational Quotes Images. This is created for the internet visitor. This is meant to provide the educational content to the visitors, and the visitor who lands here is wholly covered with a privacy policy for saving his information/data. We run our site under the transparent policy of information and data.

What is our privacy policy?

Our privacy policy defines what type of data we take, why we make that data and what we do with that data of our visitor/user.

Our policy includes the following points which you will be accepting


The intention behind collecting the user data is to provide them with more personalized service to give them a great user experience.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used to get access to the user’s IP address. We do this to keep an eye on the choices of our visitor in order to gain the insight of information which our users like on our website. We hold a record of the user’s past visits on the site in order to provide the most relevant content from our website. We also make sure that if getting the same advertisements over and over again through these cookies. There are specific keywords for obtaining the desired result and the result which matters to you most.

Third party application and cookies

We also get your some personal information like name and email id. Our server applications detect the type of software and hardware you are using. We also record the visitors IP address in order to calculate the exact number of visitors on our website. We are working to improve the user interface for each page since we created this site.

Email Subscribes and Unsubscribe

We ask our visitors for the email address to provide them with better results as per their location. When we get the email address, we send promotional emails too as per our schedule. We filter our content as per your interests, and we send you the image quotes of hard work, love, faith, motivation, Money management, and soul improvement.

In a situation when you don’t want to get our emails, you can simply stop them just by clicking on the unsubscribe button which is on the bottom of the page. Unsubscribing doesn’t stop to take the information we publish on our website. You will be a registered user of our site and can get benefits from our content at any time.

Bot data collection

We publish the well analyzed and written content on the website, not any robotically created content which is monitored by our response team every single second. Information picked from our website by our trusted partners, market affiliates and customer service agents could be used for the purpose of marketing. We don’t share your any information to anyone who is not our trusted partner. Despite these, we don’t share your sensitive details including your phone number to any third person.

Use of Banner or external link

We are tied up with many companies which provide valuable information on their website. We insert their link in the banner. If you go to other websites from our site, then we have reserved to collect your additional information like domain type, IP address and other such information on clicksteram.

Software/app/script on our website

We use some third party apps including Google Analytics and DoubleClick Cookies to get your non-personal information.

Security feature

We are very conscious to protect the privacy of our user; hence we implemented many security features including SSL certificate and https layer of encryption.


We respect GDRP, and for European resident, we cleared all the policy here, in case of any query you can mail us contact@inspirationalquotesimages.com

If you have any question related to privacy, then you can ask us at contact@inspirationalquotesimages.com

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